Saturday, March 06, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. I remember, even at my old age, looking forward to birthdays as a child. Most years, I note how old I am, but this year is one of those years where the number seems to bother me. No, I am not 40 either, thank you (younger than 40 anyway). Anyway, I have been dreading this day since the first of the year when I realized how old I would be.

Chris and I celebrated just the two of us last night since I will be at work tonight. We wanted to go out for a simple dinner someplace close to home. Well, there is not much available close to home. So, we decided on the tried and true Old Chicago. I guess we are too old for Old Chicago because if you account in the babysitter fees for 3 kiddos (because Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids last weekend while we went out with friends - something we never do), we can't afford to wait over a hour for a pizza. And, it was so loud there I could hardly hear what Chris was saying. We decided that next time we will drive for someplace quiet. It was nice to get away, though. After thinking the couple hours out and dinner was my present, Chris surprised me with a nice necklace. It was a nice unexpected treat, and it is beautiful! We ran a couple errands and were home by 8:30ish. All the kiddos were asleep in bed already. Ah...the quiet we were looking for. Thank you Alyssa!

Today, well today, my actual birthday, started off a little earlier than I would have liked. Asher came in our room in the middle of the night sometime, then Addison joined us at 5am. She was playing, talking, and more or less keeping everyone awake. I tried sending her back to her room, but she just showed me that she was up for the day. Lovely.

We had someone coming that wanted to buy one of our fans, so we hung around all morning waiting for them. At 11:00, I was done waiting. Seriously, we are just supposed to sit here all day? Guess so. We went and got our window treatments for the patio door at Bed, Bath and Beyond right down the street, and sure enough, the people came for the fan and we missed them. Good thing I have TAXI and Fan Delivery Free to Anywhere written on the side of our van because next week I get to take Alivia to school at 8, drive all the way across town to Fort Street to deliver this fan before 8:30 during rush hour, then drive to Addison's preschool on 156th and L by 8:50. Seriously, no wonder I have gray hair - not to mention I am older than dirt.

So, anyway, after today's fun morning, the kids wanted cake. So, they sang away and then ate away after each one of them blew out the candles. Thank you Topher for yet another surprise - cake and a balloon!

I think birthdays should stop when you become a Mom because they are just another disappointment overall. At least my Mom called and wished my a Happy Birthday. And, I get to sleep the afternoon away (with any luck) in preps for not sleeping for the next 2 days. And, there is always next year, right? Thank you Chris for trying...but I think next year we just skip March 6. Better for my ego anyway. :)

Make a WishAnother Year Older...Grrr.

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