Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy May Day

It's a Holiday even if we are the only ones who celebrate it! Maybe next year we will put a little more effort into it! :) I think I will put together May Day Baskets for our kids, too, as well as help them prepare them for others. Yes, it is good for them to give and not just get. But, I should be giving them a May Day surprise, too!

This year - a solo cup, confetti popcorn from VICS (Which is so yummy), some treats and the kids stickered the cup. It is all in the thought - right? And, the kids had fun delivering them!

Happy May Day! Below are pictures of the May Baskets the kids received from our neighbors (and how cute are they?!!) and then the kids delivering their May Baskets.

May Baskets from our WONDERFUL neighbors!Eating the Basket...

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