Friday, May 28, 2010

Shadow Lake Fox

This week, we walked to school. It is so peaceful around here in the mornings. On preschool days, we came right home. However, on the other days, Addi, Asher and I walked/ran around the lake. Seriously, pushing those 2 is one major work out!

On our walk Thursday morning, we met a baby fox just up the hill from our home. When we walked home from school after dropping Alivia off, there were 2 baby foxes! How cute! I watched them play a lot during the day. I saw them early this morning, but they were not out of their den to greet us on the way to school today. But...what a sight! Something we probably will not see again around here as the people invade their turf.

Things I have learned about walking around the lake.
1. Geese and ducks do attack when they have babies. Run into the lake and let them have the trail!
2. Geese poo too much.
3. Run to the left of the trail.The bug swarms seem to be fewer on that side.
4. The lake is so peaceful - Chris was right...I would and do love the lake trail!

Here are some pictures of our new Shadow Lake friends.

FoxyGeese friendsMore Geese FriendsSacked out Addi and Asher

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