Monday, May 24, 2010

May at the Forest

Today Addison, Asher and I went hiking in the forest, the Fontenelle Forest that is. We started walking the trails on our last visit. They liked it so much, that we walked two more shorter trails this time. After a brief visit to Acorn Acres, we took to the trails. We did not even walk on the boardwalk much (that is boring compared to the adventure that awaits beyond the stroller in the forest!). I did take a water bottle, snacks and my cell phone along just in case we got lost. We took the first trail, Ridge Trail, without a map - and that was way more fun I thought. I asked the kids which way they wanted to go and they selected. Probably not the smartest thing to do - but lucky for us - the trail was short.

We went back to Acorn Acres and stayed quite a while playing in the dirt. Seriously, that is all they wanted to do today and their clothes would reflect that. We then had an early picnic before Addison insisted we walk on one more trail. could I say no?! We jumped on Hackberry (I believe) Trail and a little on Wren and Lindon before reaching our stroller full circle. We got cleaned up and said good-bye to the forest.

What a fun, adventurous morning! We saw trees, turkeys, picked purple flowers (which I am not sure they are to do) and heard wood peckers and many other birds. The kids kept asking, "What's that?" all through the morning. My kids have seen more at their young age than I have at my old age.

Want to go trailing at Fontenelle Forest?
NO STROLLERS! Although possible...stroller aged kids would not get the enjoyment out of the trip through the forest off the boardwalk. It is just too bumpy, narrow, hilly, etc. I parked my stroller at the top and it was still there when we returned.
Backpack with hand wipes, kleenex, snacks, water, extra clothes, picnic, etc.
Picnic - and don't forget plates and napkins.
Wear comfy clothes/shoes. Addison refused to wear her sneaker - but they should be worn at the forest. Today I wore my running attire, more or less. It was HOT and HUMID and DIRTY. I do not care what I look like - we are on an adventure!

Here are the trails we have been on:
Hackberry: Short trail
Ridge Trail: Short trail
Linden: Short

Monkeys againAll her birds in a rowPlayin' in the dirtGobble Gobble on the trailLet's Run?!Ridge TrailPicking Flowers on Hackberry Trail

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