Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Yesterday was a very peaceful Mother's Day. We visited Chris' Mom in the morning, then went back home to begin dinner preparations. Things have changed since moving and having 3 little kids under toe. I used to be so concerned about party prep, and now I am just lucky to have food in the house when the guests arrive.

Great Grandma Marci and my parents arrived shortly after 11:30. We had a peaceful dinner that Chris prepared on the grill (out in the cold May temperatures). We then watched Alivia's program on DVD and just chatted for a while before enjoying our dessert. The moms exchanged presents. My parents gave me this thing for the phone that I am to wear over my ear and is wireless. I think they thought I should have this because I never know where the phone is. Well, I went to use it this morning and I don't even know how to turn it on! :) Chris and the kids got me a nice card (after some encouragement) and, like I said, I bought myself some keens. Chris said he will be buying me trees soon...and I can not wait!

It was a peaceful afternoon. I hope my mom and Grandma had a great Mother's Day! On this Mother's Day...I thank my hubs for giving me 3 fabulous babies and the opportunity to be their Mommy full time There is no better gift than that!

Happy Mother's Day!

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