Monday, May 03, 2010

The After: Dropzone/Closet

Finally, we have a place to hang our hat (and coats and backpacks and...). We love it! This is better than a diamond to a girl like myself who believes everything needs a place in order to keep organized.

Here are the before pictures:

Folding Table - we shoved our coats into those shelves!Laundry Room before - folding table - before we bought the houseLaundry Room Before - After the folding table was removed
And now for the after pictures of the drop zone and closet:
Drop Zone & ClosetLockers, bottom drawer, upper cupboardsUpper CupboardsClosetInside the ClosetInside the ClosetLockers/bottom drawerUpper Cupboard
Want a drop zone or lockers and closet for yourself? We hired RSI (Ryan Services INC) at 933-3022. He did an amazing job on our space and on Chris' parents' master bathroom. We would highly recommend him!

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O'Toole said...

WOW! I love it! THAT is one reason I want to move.... I want that!

Austin Family said...

You can get it without moving! Shoot - we moved and still did not get it...we built it ourselves. Chris is building a simpler version of a drop zone in the garage that Ryan could do in yours. We had a shoe holder in our previous garage - but I just want a place to sit while taking off our shoes. Chris "thinks" he is going to do this during this summer (at least that is why he tells me he is buying all of these tools). Here are some plans Chris came across a while back...Entry Bench

Austin Family said...

Oh, we also saw this at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We saw it in a model home. After searching for it online, we found it at the mart! We would have just bought that - but it only has 2 lockers and we need 3 - and we do not have room in the garage for 2 of these in the space we want to place it by the door. It may work for you guys though. It is very nice looking. But, your Ryan is so handy that he could make it for pennies.

Entry Locker and Base