Saturday, May 08, 2010

Alivia's 1st Sleepover!

Addi on the BIG slideThe wheel of red (it seemed to mostly land on red).Musical ringsPizza!Let's JumpWaiting for the tentTent TimeTent timePlaying in the garageOCMGrocery ShoppingMaking ArtMilking the Cow!

We have been planning this for a while...but last night it was finally here...Alivia's 1st sleepover!

Alivia had her friend, Ellie, from her old school over to spend the night. We met at Standing Bear where they were having a carnival. Alivia was overwhelmed at first and started crying even before we met us with Ellie. There were a lot of things to do, and eventually everyone had fun. Oh...and we got to see our old neighbors. That was a thrill.

We picked up some pizza and made our way home. The girls immediately ran all over the house. The jumped, then played in Alivia's room. Chris then set up a tent in Alivia's room for the girls to sleep in. They loved that. They watch a little bit of Spongebob on DVD before making their way to Alivia's room about 10. I think they were asleep around 10:30 (and Addi and Asher stayed up that long too! They were upset they could not sleep in the tent!).

I got up early for my morning jog around the lake. When I returned, I could hear them waking up one by one (at 7am no less). The girls went from room to room waking everyone up except Chris. Now, this happens every day. But, Ellie told me that is what they did (which I thought was cut

After breakfast, the girls made Mother's Day Cards, jumped on the bouncer some more, played in the garage on bikes and toys and with babies before deciding it was time for lunch. After lunch, I decided to treat Alivia and Ellie alone to the Children's Museum. I was hoping that things were opened back up. Unfortunately, I was wrong. They did have a sign up saying that the science room was closed through May 15th for repairs. I wish they would have decided to do those repairs when their was an exhibit upstairs! I think the girls had fun anyway.

After a little icecream, it was time to take Ellie home. It was sad to bring her home and not live just right down the street. I could imagine how close of friends they would be if the kids lived near each other. My best friends are those I have known since I was 3, so I know how important those friends are! (Sidenote: Many homes in our old neighborhood are for sale or have sold, and we knew a fair amount of those people. Weird actually. Maybe we should move back - ha!).

Alivia had so much fun that she curled up in a blanket and fell right to sleep when we got home. be a little girl again!

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