Friday, May 28, 2010

Addison finishes1st Year of Preschool

Yesterday was Addison's last day at the Gingerbread House Preschool and marked the end of her first year. She has grown up so much over the course of her first preschool year. She really liked preschool and found new friends. She was even invited to the first of probably many birthday parties. Addison, academically, is well on her way to being ready for Kindergarten. But, as she tells us,"I don't want to go to Kindergarten." I have to remind her that she has another year before she will be off to school.
Although Addison has made amazing progress and loved preschool, I am not sure I would send her again. I am still not sure 2 years of preschool is necessary. At this point, I think one year of 3 days a week would be plenty to get the kids ready. This year, really, was just an introduction to concepts. She has made great strides, but she also missed her Mommy and I missed her!

As much as we love the Gingerbread House, I could not stand the drive and felt it was cruel on Asher who had to hang out with me in the area while we waited for Addison. Next fall, Addison will be going to Sacred Heart Catholic Preschool in Papillion.

Now, bring on summer! We can hardly get waited to get started!

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