Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Yard - Before & After

In one week, we painted the kids' bathroom (now we have painted 3 out of the 4 bathrooms) and planted 11 trees! "Just that easy, just that quick!" Ha!

Friday my Dad came down to help me select and pick up our trees, along with Addison & Asher. We knew what we wanted to buy, it was just a matter of selecting the right trees. My parents are good at that. I felt cruel taking Addi and Asher because I remember going with my parents when I was maybe 5 years old to select their windbreak trees. I hated it! Well, Addi & Asher hated it too, I think. After several stops, by the end of the day, we had the trees purchased and at home.

Biker Boppa & AsherLoad of trees (and this is not it yet!)All Unloaded!Bye Bye Biker Boppa!Sacked out AddisonNight Night Asher

Chris planted one tree last night and we planted the remaining 9 trees today. That was seriously exhausting, but it was so worth it! We planted 8 trees in the front and 2 in the back. We plan on planting more in the back after the fence is installed, if that ever happens (the 4 weeks is now into week 6). We just want to make sure we know where the fence will be and then finish our landscaping job. Okay, here are the trees we planted with links to pictures of the trees bigger and/or in bloom:
1. 1 Japanese Tree lilac
2. 5 Chanticleer pears
3. 1 Autumn Blaze Maple
4. 1 Dwarf Korean Lilac
5. 1 Red Dragon Japanese Maple
6.1 Butterfly Japanese Maple
7. 1 Newport Plum are the after pictures! Stay tuned...more planting around the house to come!

After!AfterThe Chanticleer Pear line upDward Korean Lilac (and the most $$ tree!)Japanese Tree Lilac (with the Red Dragon in the background).

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