Monday, May 24, 2010

Alivia's 6th Birthday Party

Let's see if this will save THIS time...

Yesterday was Alivia's 6th birthday party with family. Although she seemed excited, she was suffering from a cold (one she received during a rain filled day to Gifford Farm on a school field trip) to care too much. Again, it was kinda butterfly themed, but we kept things simple. The cake was pink, of course. Alivia, however, did not eat any of it. I think we will stick to cupcakes as she really does not like cake. She opened her presents from family and received a lot of nice things. Alivia is really into art, so received some things to keep her busy during the summer. She also likes to read, and she was lucky to receive some new books to read, too.

During the party Alivia kept to herself while Addison and Asher played with their cousins Lucas, Henry and Ben. Alivia said after the guests left that she wanted to just go to bed! She just did not feel well. :(

Hard to believe our baby girl will be 6 years old on Tuesday! Where did the time go?

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