Friday, May 28, 2010

Alivia in Swim Camp

For the last 8 days, Alivia has been in Barb Graeve swim camp with Ms. Meg as her instructor. We like swimming at Barbs because 1. warm water & warm air, 2. small class (Alivia was one of 3 kiddos in her class!, 3. more reasonable prices 4. she has learned to swim! and 5. Alivia loves it! The only downfall is registration and getting into a class.

We find that Alivia learns more when she goes daily since she just works off what she learned the day before. After going to swim camp for 8 days, Alivia learned to stream line swim, tread water (yeah!), back float, back stroke, butterfly stroke and more. She is now ready to start taking breaths while swimming (not sure what that is called). She did really well in the indoor pool with room temps at 88 degrees! That is about Alivia's perfect temperature (and she was still cold when she got out to jump in). She is still timid about jumping into the deep end without someone right there, but she is getting more comfortable with it.

Now, after swim camp, we are ready to hit the pools...just as soon as they open!

Circle Time with all classes (for the news!)Alivia & Ms. MegBack strokeDiving for toys

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