Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 Months in Shadow Lake!

Yesterday marked 6 months since we closed on our home (and we moved in a few days later). We have come a long way since then! Here is what we have done.

Clearly, we moved in. That is a huge accomplishment alone for a family of 5 that only had my parents and Chris' Dad helping (and nobody to watch the kids!).

We have painted:
3 out of 4 bathrooms
3 out of 4 bedrooms &
the laundry room

We have added on:
Took out the folding table in the laundry room and added in a closet and a drop zone.

We changed:
All of the hideous looking fans. We spend big $ on Asher's room, the Master and the main level fans and opted for some plain white ones in the girls' rooms. They are all quiet and work great! The cheap ones were a pain in the butt to install though.

Some new artwork and hung the old artwork from our previous address. We also purchased some knick knacks to go around the TV area (and I still have some things to buy for that).
Chris installed all the garage shelving and organized the garage. He also bought numerous tools for his upcoming jobs (drop zone thing in the garage).
We got new bedding for the Master bedroom, for Addison's room and for Asher's room (although Asher is still in his crib).

We purchased a patio set for the front stoop and added a new rug.
We purchased and installed 11 trees around our home. We only had 11 around our previous address in which we planted them all, too! But, here...we have a way to go yet.
Chris has cut out all of the sod around the house creating beds for plants. He also trenched all the way around the house. We hope to get plants and mulch in June, with any luck.
And, the topper - they are FINALLY setting the posts for our new car, I mean fence, TODAY! The install of the total fence will be in June (only a few weeks after it was supposed to be complete).

Nothing to do with us...but we now have a home right next to us in the process of being completed and for sale. Anyone interested in being our neighbor?

Gees...that is a lot in 6 months! I'm just tired from writing it down!

We are going to slow down in the next few months. Upcoming plans include:
Painting the master bath and bedroom (which is pain considering the ceiling is painted in the master bedroom).
Rod Iron Spindles maybe. We are getting an estimate on Thursday. It sounds like it is the price of a medium sized organ to do...ugh.
Landscape around the house with plants and shrubs and mulch.
Maybe plant one more tree in the back someplace. We do not know where to place the trees yet. We wanted the fence installed first. Then, we want to know where those neighbors are going to be at so we can keep private with trees. That is hard to do when we do not have neighbors yet. We will see.

Stay tuned for many more before and after stories and pictures!


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