Friday, May 28, 2010

Asher at 2 1/2!

I am getting tired of our kids getting older. Ha! Just a part of life, I know. But, I know what people were talking about when they talked about putting a brick on my head when I was a kid!

Asher is now 2 1/2 years old. Within the last couple of months he has nearly grown out of diapers and is now wearing big boy underwear! We are nearly potty trained and I find this super exciting but sad all at once. He has grown so much more independent since taking on the potty training. Now, for example, he wants to put on his own clothes. "Me do it!" he says. He wants to sit on the big potty, too. Asher likes to push around his trucks, play at parks and on our swing set, points out every McDonalds he sees, and could go all day eating constantly! He favorite food - I am not even sure! He likes a lot, but he is getting pickier. He is often times handing me food after chewing it saying, "yucky Mommy." Thanks Asher. :) He is a very sweet boy, though, and comes to me and gives me hugs and kisses many times during the day. He likes to sneak out of his room in the middle of the night and sleep in "Mommy and Daddy's room." He is so quiet that Chris and I don't even know he is there until we awake in the morning. I do miss him on the nights he stays put, though.

Asher remains in his crib and seems okay with that. His room is ready whenever we get around to moving the bed from storage at Chris' parents. We just seem to be dragging our feet. Afterall, he is the last "baby" to sleep in the crib! What is the rush?

Asher likes to color, play with play-doh....but, Asher does not like to get messy. He uses several napkins during meals because he does not like things on his fingers! He has been found to be the baby in the dolly stroller, wear princess clothes when playing with his sister, want his nails painted because the girls are getting theirs painted, and put on lip balm! But, he is still all boy! He has no fear - so much so that he scares me at times. At other times, he just wants to be Mommy's little boy. And, since he is still in 18 month clothes because of his short height I believe, he still is our little boy!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Asher!

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