Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PE 101 Kids Gym

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Today we were invited to a play date at PE 101 Kids Gym. I had been there with Alivia for a birthday party once, but Addison and Asher had never been there.

We arrived during a rain storm at 9am for open play. They have a lot of fun things for kids to do including a foam pit (the kids can either jump in or go in off of rings), in ground trampoline, zipline (in which Addison and Asher were not interested in at all but is it a lot of fun), scooters, basketball hoops, climbing wall and more. The kids had a lot of fun playing and running around where they otherwise would have been trapped inside on such a cool and rainy day. Overall, I would totally recommend PE 101 for a morning of fun and getting some toddler energy released.

Want to go to PE 101?
Make sure the kids wear socks
Nice play clothes (short sleeved shirt regardless of the weather and cool pants or shorts because the kids get hot as they play. I did not do this!).
A bottle of water or juice box and a snack for after playing would be good.

Have Fun!

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