Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April trip to the Zoo

Today appeared to be a nice day to go to the zoo after looking at the weather. Well, obviously someone else had that same idea. There were perhaps 50 buses in the parking lot and people were flooding the streets waiting for the gates to open. I hesitated and actually considered going home. But, it is the zoo. It is a big enough place that the crowds are not always so obvious unless you go inside of the buildings. So, I decided to give it a go but just check out outdoor animals. And, that we did!

We started at the monkeys who were extremely loud this morning. We could hear them screaming from the parking lot! We then checked out the tigers, lions, gorillas, bears, fish, elephants and rhinos (yes, we climbed that big hill), and sea lions before stopping for lunch in the garden. It was so pretty in the garden! We then checked out the giraffes and zebras (who were rather stinky) before heading for home up another big hill.

It was super busy at the zoo, and we even saw people we knew (and that never happens because I do not know anyone). It was a fun morning and we escaped just before the big gusts of wind came in. Addison and Asher had fun. And the best part - Asher stayed dry all morning. He is still wearing a diaper because of his GI thing - but he is pretty much fully #1 trained. How nice is that!

Next month, Madagascar will be open!

Going to make a trip to Omaha's zoo? Here what to bring:
1. Stroller. I am still bringing mine. The zoo is big and kids get tired. Do you really want to be on the other side of the zoo with your kiddo having a melt down? I don' I bring mine. Besides, where else am I going to put all of our stuff?
2. Dress in layers. It was cold today when we arrived, but warmed up quickly as we walked. Additionally, it is hot in the buildings even in the winter. The kids wore hoodies today, and I learned to stick with zip up sweatshirts or jackets - much easier!
3. Picnic, snacks, and lots to drink. All that walking makes everyone hungry and thirsty. Keep your eyes out for the bathrooms and use them whenever you see them!
4. Extra clothes. The kids may get wet or spill or whatever. Just better to be safe than sorry.

Have fun!

Go Gorilla...Go!Ahhh...a baby!ElephantBreak in the garden

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