Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a Day in Austin Life

6:45: I awake to Asher's door opening and Daddy in the bathroom getting ready to go to Iowa to get the playset.
7:15: Addison starts coughing during a breakfast of cocoa puffs. This led to Addison getting really sick with a really bad case of the stomach flu plus...if you catch my drift. She was sitting on the potty while using the bucket...the poor thing.
7:45: While I was tending to Addison in the bathroom, Asher has a major accident in his pants. I guess Asher is still having his GI issues afterall. Back to the diaper for another day. (Asher has been doing really well in the potty too. We have gone many days accident free of #1's. He just holds his #2's for naptime and night time and goes in his diaper!).
8:15: Addison is really sick now. Asher is standing next to Addison while he eats his Cocoa Puffs trying to ask her questions. Clearly...this is not going to work all day. So, Daddy decides to take Alivia and Asher with him to my parents in Iowa to get our playset.
9:30: I start to finish my painting project while Addison lays in the family room on a make shift bed we set up for her.
10:30: Addison has been to sleep for 1/2 hour. Whew. My painting project is now complete (I was mostly done after painting last night). So, I head outside to mow the lawn before the playset comes in. I hate mowing around that thing! I check on Addison every 10-15 minutes or so and can see her through the window (I moved her bed in front of the patio door).
11:30: I am finally done mowing. Addison is just waking up when I come in and she asks if she can have carrots and dip! What?! Um, no!

I wonder if it is a bad sign that it is not even noon and my clothes are covered in vomit, poo, paint and grass?

12: I get Addison settled and quickly shower.
12:10: Chris arrives with my parents and they begin the long process of the playset installation.
1:00: I run to the store to get some things for lunch.
1:20: Lunch...finally!
2 until 5:30!!: More playset. It did seriously take that long without breaks. It would have been installed in no time, but we selected an area in the yard that was not level. So Chris made it level...which proved to be a challenge. Once installed...the kids played and played on it!
6:30: Dinner from Old Chicago. Seriously...$35 for 2 pizzas!! I do not think we will ever go there again (we paid $29 with a coupon and I thought that had to be wrong!).

The kids played all night on the playset. They are so excited to have it back. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all of your help. Addison felt better by lunch time (thank goodness) and played outside with Alivia and Asher. Amazing how sick she was and what an amazing recovery she had!
8 PM: Kiddos to bed
8:30: Chris stayed with the kids while I went to the store to get the towel holder/toilet paper holder for the bathroom. Installation will have to wait for another day.
9:15: Home,blog and go to bed by 10:30.

Seriously...we lead a dull life. I wonder if someday we will miss this amount of chaos because it will be even more chaotic?

Unloading Begins! (& Look - New Neighbors!)Asher at WorkAsher "helps" Grandma clean the tarpJust one little lift - and it will be up, right?Getting LevelThe Boys Thinking...The kids at play!Playing House Weee!Rainbow Play Set - All Installed!Baby Alivia?

PS We had new neighbors move in to the side of us (on the Crawford Street Side), making 2 sets of neighbors for us now. I was amazed by their supportive friends and family that helped them move! At one paint there were like 10 cars there helping them! Let's just say...if you know someone moving and you care at all, make arrangements to help them on moving day for even an hour or so, even if it means missing an all important sporting event, day at the salon, or whatever. The people moving will know how much you care by your efforts (or lack there of). That's all I am saying. Shoot, bring them lunch, water bottles, paper towels...anything...if you can not be of help otherwise. Oh, this is a whole other blog. Maybe by the time we move next we...

...oh never mind. I refuse to talk about moving!   

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