Thursday, April 01, 2010

Staycation Day 4

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Our staycation is winding down now, so today I tried to keep things more low key. The kids are growing tired, just as they would on vacation at this point. Addison's preschool teacher told me that Addison just appeared exhausted and asked when I would be picking her up today. How sad!

Anyway, after taking Addison to preschool, Asher, Alivia and I went to Lake Zorinsky. They first played in the park all alone, which was nice. Alivia ran around excitedly like she had not seen a park before. Asher was more low key, investigating everything. After about 45 minutes of play time, we were ready for a little walk around the lake. I was tempted to walk all the way around one side, but I was not sure the kids would last. So, we turned back and went back to the dock area. It warmed up a bit by this point, but it was not too breezy yet. It was fabulous and in the 70s. We could not ask for better  weather for April 1! After checking out the water up close, we went back to play at the park. We were welcomed by 50 other children at this point. It was really crowded, but the kids did not seem to mind. (On another note, for some crazy reason they are cutting down trees at Zorinsky. And, does anyone else find it odd to put in a water park and water slides in what seems like a nature preserve? It just seems odd to me and ruins the beauty of the park. Don't get me wrong...I think we will visit the slides someday. The location just seems all wrong).

We left the park in time to run to Village Point to so I could pick up some sunglasses (I left mine in Chris' car. It was too sunny to continue without sunglasses!). Addison was so excited to see us that she was out the door waiting for me to open the van before I said hi to Mrs. Gohr. Next we went back to Piedmont Park (Addi saw pictures of the park when we visited on Tuesday and wanted to go herself!), but this time we brought a picnic lunch and Addison. Unlike Tuesday when we were the only ones at the park, today it was really crowded. There seemed to be a lot of mean kiddos there with Mommy's on cell phones not paying any attention to their kids. Again, the kids did not seem to mind too much. I could tell everyone was getting tired, so we headed for home to take a nap.

Although everyone napped on the way home, the nap stopped there. I did start unloading the 7 baskets of laundry that I had washed, folded, but had not had time to put away since we had been gone all week. Seriously, our home is a disaster. Being on staycation where you pack up and come home just to dump your stuff and repeat makes keeping up on housework next to impossible. Seriously, tonight I had to go grocery shopping at 9pm!

Anyway, after the lack of quiet time, we returned outside to the windy warm weather. The kids played a while, then skirted each other with water. It was so windy though! We wanted to eat outside, but I was afraid our food would blow away. Speaking of food, tonight marked the first night we grilled out. Chris grilled the kids cheeseburgers (of all things!) which they loved! I think we can officially put the fork in winter - and it is about time!

Today was really the last day of our staycation as tomorrow we will be having guests over. It was a fun, but exhausting week. I recall doing this many activities in a row last summer, but just for fun. I think were home more in the afternoons, though. I am a homebody to a certain extent, but being about to take the kids to fun places (all free, too, as it turned out) made fora  really fun week of memories. I am glad that Alivia was hopefully able to enjoy her spring break and will remember at least a few moments of fun when she returns to school next week. We will miss her though!

So, in summary, we were able to enjoy the zoo, flying, Zorinsky Lake, Piedmont Park, Heartland of America Park, visit Alivia's old school, visit Alivia's new school playground, go to the dentist (what fun, huh?!), walk/bike around Shadow Lake (which is really our life), and play in dirt at home! The weather could not have been better for spring break. We had an amazing week of memories. Now I am getting excited for having Alivia home for summer!

Picnic TimeSpinning GirlsSpinning Asher (and he nearly spun off!)BalancingPeek!Swinging together (Asher was not so sure)Addi playing in the sandCoop'n itWater Fights

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