Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mommy...The Painter?

On Tuesday, I put on a new hat - Mommy, the painter. I had 1 day to paint the laundry room before the drop zone/closet was going to begin to be installed on Wednesday. You see, our entire home is painted in flat paint. Flat paint can not be washed. And, with 3 kiddos, the walls get rather dirty. So, after 3 paint samples, we selected a color and I went to work.

I took Addison to preschool at 9am and raced home with Asher to paint. I got Asher busy at play with his toys, turned on the tunes and went to work. I only got one wall done during preschool time because of potty breaks with Asher and having to run to the fencing company. But, I was able to get finished during quiet time. It looked amazing. Chris and I did end up having to put on a second coat after the kids went to bed - but it was done!

So, now that I put on this hat and was able to demonstrate to myself that I was capable of being a painter ALL BY MYSELF (because Chris is really the painting pro), I went ahead and painted the main level bathroom last night, finishing it up this morning. I even had Chris rip out the ugly towel holder and toilet paper holder (they were ceramic) and replaced them with rubbed oil bronze ones). After one coat - it looks pretty good - so I am calling it good.

So, what did I learn? Well, for starters, who needs to tape? It is so time consuming and it is just as easy to paint without it if you have the right brush. I love love love Pro Trim brushes and rollers from Lowes. They may cost a little more - but you do get what you pay for when it comes to painting supplies. I also love Lowes paint. Behr gets all the good reviews and all...but it comes at a very steep price. Consumer reports gave Lowes' paint the best pick, and I tend to agree. It has worked great in both of the girls' rooms, Asher's room, the laundry room and now the bathroom that we have painted in this home since November 25th or whenever we moved in here.

I am on a roll now! I am now selecting paint from our seemingly endless supply of paint in the garage to paint the bathroom in the basement during my next quiet time painting party! I will probably lose weight from all the bon bons I will not be eating during my painting episodes...ha ha ha!

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