Friday, April 09, 2010

Fence Time

When you have 3 kids ages 5 and under, a fenced in back yard is almost a must. So, a couple weeks back, I began the hunt for the perfect fence. Residents of Shadow Lake are required to have either a vinyl fence or rod iron fence, if they have a fence at all. Chris and I decided on a semi private vinyl fence. Rod iron fences provide hardly any privacy whatsoever. The semi private vinyl fences do cost more than a solid fence (which is crazy to me) but they are more durable in that there is room for wind to get through them so they are not just flattened in wind storms. Our property seems to be getting a lot of wind since we do sit up high and we have limited homes around us at the moment, although that seems to be changing daily.

Okay, the decision is made. Now...who will we get to install the fence? Well, the estimates came in between $6800-$14000!!! initiallly. Yes, you read that right. These fences are the price of a Honda Civic or something (and that would be way more fun to buy!). Well, we added feet onto the fence by adding on some of the side yard on the west side. So...the price went up to $7400 and up. Nice, huh? Well, after 2 visits and a food gift basket before we even decided, we ended up going with Quality Fence, who was not the least expensive. S&W came in the cheapest. I then put the 2 companies in competition, each lowering their price some, adding stuff, etc. Quality still was not the cheapest by a lot really. But, in the end, Quality had the fence we liked and had a better BBB rating than S&W, who had a lot of complaints. So, in 4 weeks the posts will be in the ground and the fence will follow within a week of that. Gees...I am getting poor just writing that down! And no...we did not go with Quality because they send us food. It did not hurt them, but we thought it was weird more than anything. We had not bought anything why? Weird.

Window treatments, a fence, etc, etc, etc...someone please remind me why we had to buy new construction? will be worth it someday, I hope anyway.

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