Thursday, April 08, 2010

Before & After: SHUTTERS!!

Finally, the shutters have arrived. They arrived in 4 vans!! The neighbor even commented on the number of people at our home to put in the window treatments! I love them! Just when I thought I was getting buyers remorse, they arrived and I fell in love with them all over again. :) They are made of composite, so they will not warp in our home without trees shading us yet. And, Chris and I can finally take a shower with the lights on. Yes, we were taking showers in the dark. If the light was on, windows not covered, the entire neighborhood could watch us shower. Um, no thank you. Now we just have to get used to the new, darker look. Here are the before and after pictures.


Living Room beforeDining Room BeforeMaster Bedroom Before (like the sheet?)View from the shower (out the bath window) beforeMaster Bedroom BeforeView From Master Bedroom BeforeAsher's Room beforeAddison's room Before (nice view, eh?)Addison's view from bed at naptime (before)Alivia's Room BeforeCloset View Before
Dining Room AfterDining Room AfterAsher's Room AfterAlivia's Room AfterAddison's Room AfterAddi's View AfterAddison's View at Naptime (MUCH BETTER!).Master Closet After (Yeah, we can dress in there now!)Master BedroomMaster BathMaster BedroomOpened

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O'Toole said...

LOVE them!! Did you do them in EVERY room? Where did you get them from?

Austin Family said...

Hi Kelly! We purchased the shutters from Budget Blinds Omaha. I had SEVERAL estimates, and they came in at the most reasonable price (but still rather expensive) with the best options in shutters. We got them on all the windows facing the street and all the windows upstairs. The kitchen, family room & laundry room (all face the back yard so we wanted a consistent look) and the 3 basement windows all have the same window treatments from JCPenney (and the door we covered with curtains from Bed, Bath and Beyond). We had to get them get them custom made for the basement and laundry room, but they were still reasonably priced. I never shut the laundry room one though. Those are the honeycomb shade things that provide a lot of light, making them a good selection for the basement windows. The kitchen and family room windows are so big that they may require wood or a weird layout for the shutters (2 shutter doors on each window, blocking the view when opened. 1. Wood is rather expensive and 2. Wood warps. We do not know what to do with we are waiting it out. The window treatments in the kitchen and family room can be opened all the way to the top during the day - offering so much light! It's a hard call. Besides, I need my other kidney for the fence! :)What were we thinking buying new construction? :)