Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Potty Training Asher

I have been lazily potty training Asher for months now. Lazily? Well, yes. One day we will train...then we will stop for 10 days or more. Then we will train 2 days, he begins to catch on, and then we go to the zoo and put his diaper on. I am having commitment issues with the whole process. I do not like the mess, the extra laundry and everything else that comes along with potty training. I know I know...I have nothing else to do than to potty train all day, right?

Then there are those Tuesday and Thursday mornings when we take Addison to preschool. While we are out we run a couple errands and play all morning at a park (without potties). And finally, I have to go to work some weekends and am sleeping most of Sunday. Chris refuses to have anything to do with potty training. So, Asher has some success leading up to my working night, we step back a couple steps by skipping the day I sleep and usually the next because I skipped sleeping and do not feel like doing it. And then, while we are off track anyway...let's just put it off some more.

Seriously, I really have to get moving on this process. Asher is more confused as ever, telling me he wants to go pee when he has a diaper on (and we are at a park) and I just tell him, "It's have a diaper on." What am I promoting here anyway?

So, starting now, the boy is getting potty trained pronto, or until I work again and then we will start all over again. And please, do not email me and tell me how your child was so easy and how he or she was trained in a day. I are a great parent and I am a lousy one. Is there an award for worst parent of the year? Put me on that list then. :)

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O'Toole said...

Krista - boys can pee at parks ;) We just did it the other night... Is it the BEST lesson to teach? no, but you do what you have to do :)

Austin Family said...

I know I know...I think I would prefer he does that after he is trained so he gets it that he is to pee in the potty not in the lawn...ya know? :) But, once trained...I will totally do what we have to do. :)

O'Toole said...

very true. Riley thinks it is REALLY cool to do and wants to do it at the park every time. I have to MAKE him go before we go so I know that he has just gone!