Friday, April 02, 2010

Party of 6?

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Today we were a party of 6! 2 of our nephews, Chris' brothers kids, came to visit us today. Chris' brother had back surgery this week and we were trying to help out with their kids (they have 3 boys but only 2 came today). Henry, who will be 3 the 21st of April and Ben will be 1 May 1. Henry is almost smack dab in the middle of Addison and Asher (8 months from Addi and 7 months apart from Asher). Henry plays well with all of the kids, really, but mostly liked to play with Addison. Asher seemed so much younger than Henry for some reason. Henry is a smart little boy who likes to play guns and Spider Man (and Spidey is Addison's boyfriend, she thinks!). Asher never plays with guns and really has no interest in Spider Man other than knowing who he is and wanting to eat off of the Spider Man plate. Alivia liked to help take care of baby Ben by giving him his binky (even though Ben could care less if he had the binky or not). Ben likes to be held and did not like to not be able to see me. They are cute kids and everyone had fun.

So, what did we do all day? Well, this morning it was cool and a little rainy. So, we colored, jumped on the bouncer, played downstairs, read books, colored and then we played with the toys in the garage for a long time. Henry and Asher liked to trade cars and Henry liked to shoot Addison (who was not sure if she liked being the "Bad guy." Alivia stayed inside coloring. I pushed Ben around in the car before Asher pushed him for a while. Ben really liked that. They spent over an hour in the garage playing.

Lunch was uneventful since the only kiddo who ate was Ben. Now for naptime. Ben appeared tired but did not want to rock in the rocking chair. I gave up after a half hour and decided to take a walk to the park and see if Ben would go to sleep (Ben is usually with Grandma during the day and just falls asleep while being held. He was too busy watching the kids to sleep!). Once in the stroller, Ben was asleep by the time we reached the end of the driveway! We walked up to the park and played for an hour and a half or so until Grandma and Grandpa came to pick up Henry and Ben.

It was a fun day! Alivia said at dinner, "This was yet another fun day!" I hope she had a fun spring break and will bring back some memories with her to school. Now, what will I do for Addison during her spring break? Sleeping and resting sounds good to me. :)

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