Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Challenge

It all began last week. On Friday Chris emailed me regarding an opportunity to work out of Tampa, FL, for a while. Although it sounded like a great opportunity, I could see that there was great potential in that they would want him to work from Tampa, meaning move there. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Someone in Florida at another location of Chris' current company heard about Chris and his magnificent abilities. Okay, those are my words. If someone in Florida heard about him and wanted him, I see that as only a good thing. Anyway, they wanted him to come down ASAP. After thinking about it, Chris accepted the challenge on Monday, 3 days ago. We knew he would be traveling to Florida for 2 weeks, we just did not know when.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday he emailed that he would be leaving this Sunday for his 2 weeks in Pennsylvania for a day or two, then in Florida for the rest of the time. He will be working for the same company he does here in Nebraska, but at the Tampa facility. He will also be working closely with the "clients" on MacDill AFB. He will be missing Easter at home with his family, and he will be away as he turns the big 4-0!

How am I going to surprise him with a jeep in the driveway when he is in Florida (Seriously, only kidding. There is not going to be a jeep, at least yet anyway).

Chris is already concerned about the potential for moving. With that said, all the cards have to fall perfectly for the to happen. First, Chris has to really, really, like this job and they have to really, really like him. Then, they have to put in a really, really, really good offer with paid relocation. And, we would all have to be up for the move. I am just not foreseeing this all happening. They are moving (bad choice of words perhaps) things along so fast now, however, that our heads are spinning.

First the job, then the quick travel, then talks of a move?! 

I know I have said I want to move someone warm...but Florida? The only thing I know about Florida is Bugs. Big gigantic bugs (cockroaches). With this said, I have only been there once for work and never saw a bug. So, clearly I have some homework to do.

So last night Chris and I went shopping for what turned out to be an entire new wardrobe. His workplace here is business casual and there are some business attire days while he is away. He needed a lot. He feels set now; just needs to pack it all.

I am not too worried about my time at home. I will miss running in the dark in the morning. I am looking into flights to Florida to help celebrate Chris' birthday. I do believe I will have to sell my kidney to go, but it is worth it. I know I would want him to come and visit me if I was away for my birthday.

So, we will see what all happens in the next few weeks. It looks like his base will be out of Tampa with frequent travel in the next few months at a  minimum. The last person who did this now lives in Tampa, and they keep comparing Chris to that situation. But, we are trying to take this all in, day by day, as it presents itself. Perhaps it will work out that he can work from home with frequent travel. We will take that, if we can. If he decides this job is too much or something, his boss here in Nebraska said she has projects coming in that she would love Chris' help on, meaning there is a job at home if and when he is ready for it. That is great news!

The kids are soaking in this information not really sure what to expect. They will get used to his travels just as they got used to my travels when I was away (but that was so long ago they do not even remember it!). Addison has took it all the hardest, clinging onto Daddy for dear life. Face time on the Ipads will help immensely, as they will get to see and talk to Daddy every night. How fun is that?!

Wish us luck. We are up for the challenge!

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