Sunday, April 01, 2012

Visit To Great Grandma Marci's

On Wednesday, Asher and I visited Grandma Marci. We had not seen her in a while, and Asher was excited to go. He loaded up a shoe box with many of his cars for the visit (Super cute!), and I packed him a little box lunch.

Grandma was glad we came for a visit. It was nice to see her and catch up. I was amazing that at 99 3/4 years (she is so close to turning 100!) that she still works with her plants and has not taken up painting. She amazes me, living alone and all (although she probably should not be living alone). It is fun to see Grandma and Asher together, too. Grandma asked Asher if he would remember her, and he she yes of course. cute.

We will see her again on Easter, but we must visit more often.

View from Grandma's Condo

Some of Grandma Marci's plants

Asher, carrying his cars inside.

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