Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy Week

This week has been quite busy. Monday Chris began working from home while I had to go to a continuing education class. Asher, meanwhile, hung out with his Grandparents. Tuesday was swimming lessons, errands, and Addison's last art for all art class.

Wednesday I had a meeting at work at 8am. I woke up at 7 am. Really? I was going to get up and run, but it was raining. Therefore, I did not wake up again until my second alarm went off at 7. Normally, this would be just fine. But, I needed to drive to midtown during rush hour. Oh, and I also had to get the girls up, dressed, hair combed/teeth brushed, breakfast ready and lunches packed plus I needed to shower before I left. Amazingly, I left at 7:20. Huh, what do you know?! I still have it in me (somewhere, deep down). I rushed to get to this mandatory meeting and could not wait to just sit there for an hour. Never mind that the information could have easily been emailed or teleconferenced.

Wednesday was the first day that Asher and I were home while Chris worked at home. Asher stayed home with Chris while I went to my meeting (I have no idea how it would have worked otherwise!). Of all the places for Chris to set up shop, where do you think he placed himself? That's right, in the kitchen. Really? The kitchen has the most traffic and noise than anywhere else in the house. Go to the office in the basement. Nope, he just would not do it. He eventually repositioned himself in the dining room. I guess at least that room is being used more than once a year. Chris goes into work down the street a few times a week for conference calls. Otherwise, for now, he is placed out of our home. I like it in some ways and in other ways it is a big adjustment. First of all, he is physically there, but he really isn't there. We are to pretend as if he is at work. For the most part, I do that. However, this morning, for example, I went running at 8 AM while Asher watched Curious George (and a few minutes beyond). I won't do that very often, but it was sure nice to do it this morning and sleep in a little (getting up and running in the dark does get old and exhausting).

Anyway, Thursday Asher had Toddler Exercise at the YMCA (while I went to Zumba even after going on my morning run). We tried to look at replacement trees for 2 trees that did not quite survive (of course, they are both river birches. What is with those trees?! We have never had one live at 2 homes now. We are thinking of just getting different trees altogether. But, after buying 20+ trees, I am totally not interested in shopping for any more trees!!). It rained on us after waiting for what seemed like forever for someone at Lanoha to wait on us. I guess that will wait for another day.

Today we visited the Children's Museum with Bonnie, Xander and Ben. Of course, everyone else had the same idea. It was crazy there. Asher ran off some energy with his friend, so that is all that is important. Never mind that I was out of my mind trying to keep track of him. At least we were able to visit the construction zone one last time. What a cool exhibit. We ran errands again on the way home, ending up at Zios for a 1/2 baked pizza for our Friday night pizza night (gross, will never do that again!).

Seriously, I want to chill by the fire. I know, it is spring, Thank goodness for fire pits.

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