Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I Despise Facebook

Yeah, I got back on Facebook during my trip to Florida as it was the only way I knew of to reach someone I knew in the area. I got a hold of her, too. So, I guess it is effective in that respect.

But really, there are so many other reasons to really despise Facebook. No offense, but I keep a small group of friends. I would like to delete all my facebook "friends" expect those people. I do not care to see much of the stuff I see and hear about on there. Really? So annoying. I have tried to edit it, but I keep seeing this crap. I don't know these people; they don't know me. And, some of the people I know but I really wish I didn't.

The way I look at it is I have 2 options: delete like everyone or just get off.

I am choosing the later, but I have deleted or nearly deleted many. I have only been back on Facebook a week and I am already utterly annoyed. I will keep my page in case I need to get a hold of someone or someone wants to get a hold of me. Other than that, my real friends know to call me. Otherwise, they are not my real friends anyway.

Enough said.

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