Saturday, April 14, 2012

He's Back

The kids and I picked up Chris at the airport tonight at 7pm. I drove up curb side, opened the door, and sent the kids inside where I saw Chris standing waiting for his bag. The kids ran to him and gave him a big hug! I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but I was already illegally parking curb side. I could not wait to give him a big hug. We surprised him with a little treat of Mama's pizza and onion rings, his favorites.

He arrived at home saying how weird it was to be back. He was developing a new routine in Florida, one that he did not particularly like. On the drive home, he noted how green everything had gotten. Funny, some of our trees bloomed and were done in the time he was gone. Today, as a surprise to him (for his birthday and for being away), I had the yard trenched and re mulched. Chris did it before, but it is a time consuming task. Considering he has only 2 weekends at home before he may have to travel back to Florida, I did not want him wasting his time trenching. He can do that next year, right? He was thrilled to see it all done, and the results are beautiful. I had the remaining 4 gutters buried, too, giving the backyard a cleaner look (and easier to mow no less). I will try and post pictures as I get them loaded.

Chris also kept saying how big everything was...the house, the trees, the kids, and luckily he stopped there. I would not want him to be able to tell that I kept eating the almond M&Ms all by myself. 

After putting the kids to bed, Chris and I had only a short hour to ourselves before I was off to work. That was no fun at all. I will not be able to sit with him again until Sunday afternoon as I work all weekend, Saturday a 12 hour shift (I found someone to work the first 4 hours for me Friday so I could pick Chris up at the airport, bringing me down to a mere 8 hour shift). I am thinking an email to my boss about cutting down on my hours is in my near future since Chris may be traveling more than he even knows at this point.

We are thankful for his safe travels home and for having him at home. We will keep him as long as we can.

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