Friday, April 06, 2012

In Florida

I arrived in Florida around noon on Thursday to sunny skies, temps in the 80s. It was beautiful. I counted the hours until I could see Chris.
Once at the hotel, I laced up my running shoes and went for what turned out to be a very hot run. Gees, it is hot here! I saw a sign for Cypress Park and thought that looked like a potentially good place to run towards. Wow, what a treasure. The park is filled with beautiful palm trees, pretty flowers and it ended on a beach! It was fabulous! I laid there and slept for a while (not even sure how long I was asleep), resting on my running shoes. I loved listening to the waves crashing in. That is the way to take a nap.
I then had to run back to the hotel. It was then the middle of the afternoon, I was hot and was quite thirsty. I arrived in the room and quickly stripped off my running shirt. Then, I heard someone at the door. It was Chris! Not exactly how I wanted to present myself when he arrived! He ended up his meetings to rush back to the room to see if I had made it in. It was so nice to see him. It has been years since we have been apart for an extended period of time. I guess we took that for granted.
He had not eaten yet (at all!), so went out and picked up Panera, and went back to Cypress Park for a picnic. It was so beautiful and peaceful. He caught me up a bit on what he has been up to as we enjoyed a quiet meal ocean side. Amazing.
Chris then had to go back to the hotel and catch up on his daily recap. Towards the evening, we went for a walk around his hotel. He had not been outside of his room much, so it was nice to get him away from his work.
Today he is back to work on base. What a way to celebrate his 40th, right?
I have spent my time running, getting cleaned up and walking back to the beach where I got poured on, walking back  where I have laid out at the pool awhile. Lucky for me, it was only a brief down pour and is now sunny. Now I am about to head back up to the room (using the hotel computer this time. I still do not like blogging on the iPad) so I can read more of my crazy book on my ipad and eat a late lunch. It is nice to relax, but I miss Chris.
We have plans to go to Clearwater Beach, go shopping for the kids, and hit a beach front restaurant, not sure in what order. I will see what Chris wants to do for his big birthday! Until then...

Oh no...I believe I am going to get wet.

Just some friends I met (and left) in Florida.

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