Monday, April 23, 2012

Chris at Work

Yeah know, I had no idea what a crazy workaholic Chris was until he was assigned this task at work. You see, all of his other projects were classified or just left at work. Now that he is working at home, it is like the WORK ON switch has come on and he does not remember how to turn it off. With that said, this task that he is to be working on is something that normally takes 4-5 weeks for a team of people to put together, and Chris is the only one doing it in 2 weeks. No pressure or anything. It should not come to any surprise to me that he is working 12 hour or more days sitting at our dining room table, zoned out in code. On Saturday night, I seriously had to zumba in front of him to get him to come and sit with me...and that was at 9 PM! Hey, whatever works.

Asher and I are adjusting to our limited Daddy in the house. It is actually nice to have him home now that I have adjusted to it. But, it is difficult for us to pretend like he is not there until he says we can talk to him (sometimes he eats lunch with us which is nice).

We have to enjoy whatever presence we have of him as he leaves again Mother's Day.

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