Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter 2012

I tried to carry on the normal Easter Traditions the best I could this Easter. I arrived back home just after midnight, just in time for Easter. I jumped into Bunny mode, unsure if I would be the first one awake. After a quick shower, I was out.

Easter morning arrived a little too early for me. But, I got up and got the kids moving forward so we could get to 7:30 Mass. Grandma Kathy had stayed overnight and went to Mass with us. It was a cool morning, but the kids did okay. They jumped up, checked out their Easter Baskets full candy, PJs, new swimming suits and more, ate a little breakfast, before heading off to Mass where they sat pretty good for the hour Mass.

After Mass and a couple pictures by the lake, we were back home for the big Egg Hunt. This year, the Easter bunny dropped gold $1 coins into the eggs. The kids were really excited about their coins, too, and candy, of course. Funny, I asked the kids what Easter was all about on the way to Mass. Asher screamed "CANDY!" before Addison could say the real meaning of Easter. She studies up on her Bible almost every night before bed. I guess that is working!

The egg hunt was in the backyard with Alivia having the pink eggs, Addison the purple eggs, and Asher the blue eggs. I put Chris on Skype and tried to follow the kids around skyping, which I found completely difficult. If anything else, Chris could hear the kids scream as they found the egg in the silliest of all places.

Soon it was time to leave for my parents in Iowa. The kids were really excited, like they had not been there in a long time (and they just spent 2 nights there!). We arrived to see Great Aunt Marsha and my parents ready to start dinner. Grandma Marci was unfortunately not up for the drive today.

Dinner was wonderful followed by another fun Easter Egg Hunt outside in the semi warm yet super windy conditions and a scavenger hunt inside. The kids had a lot of fun. They played away the rest of the day while the adults caught up on life and relaxed. After dessert, it was time to head for home.

We were not home an hour and Addison had fallen asleep. I tried to wake her to no avail. She had a fun filled day, as did we all. We missed Chris and talked to him often. Next year we will have to make Easter extra special!

Skype with Daddy.

Asher, holding his tag as he relaxes.


See the egg?

The girls got new outfits, sticker books (that Addison just LOVES!) and tattoos.

Asher got a new Soccer shirt, monster trucks and tactors!

More Sugar!

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