Monday, April 09, 2012

So Long Spring Break

Today was the last day of spring break for Alivia. Addison has one more day due to Kindergarten round up. I had big plans for today, but they were not well thought out I guess. I wanted to go to the OCM, but they are closed on Mondays. So, we did what we did last Monday. We went to Zumba, then swimming at the YMCA. The kids love swimming at the YMCA and were thrilled when I suggested it. After swimming, we came home for lunch before Alivia had her friend Zoe over to play (Zoe showed up at 8am this morning to pick up Alivia for school, not knowing there was not school. Alivia was still asleep!). The kids played inside, then they played outside while I unsuccessfully trimmed. (Okay, I tried to trim the backyard, but just made it around the fence before breaking the string. I have no idea how to refeed the string, and I have no idea where it is kept. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Trimming is heavy, hard work for this 100 pound chick!). We took a bike ride, went to the library and then to Walmart to pick up photo thank you cards. Before long, it was time for dinner followed by soccer practice. The day was over before we knew it. Chris tucked the kids into bed via the phone tonight. They are really missing him at this point, especially Alivia.

Today was the first day I really had to step it up as far as doing Chris' duties. First, I unsuccessfully trimmed. I also found myself removing a tick (yes, seriously disgusting! But, on a positive note, the tick was not stuck to anything or anyone. So, I guess it could have been worse). I am pretty sure I would have done that anyway as it was during Chris' typical workday when I found the thing. Moving on...I then had to clean the fish tank. This is Chris' job as Chris bought the fish. I did not want a fish, so he can clean it. He has cleaned it every week, until now. I almost forgot to feed the fish until at least the 3rd day Chris was gone. Well, I guess this fish can go 12 days without eating, so he lived through that mistake. I will probably mow another time before Chris returns, but I do not believe I will give trimming another shot. It looks good enough. The 2 weeks away are taking a toll, so it is time for Chris to return. :)

All good things have to come to an end. We will miss Alivia tomorrow, but we are thankful that they get a spring break. Now, it is time to start making some summer break plans!
Playing rings with Alivia (Funny, Asher said he wanted to play with the necklaces!).

Addison splashing, I mean swimming.

Asher making pool soup.

Addison, sitting still.

Warming up

Shared Bike ride.

Alivia & Zoe

Addi at the library, our new hangout.

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