Monday, April 23, 2012

Before and After: The Playset

I would never recommend buying a Rainbow Play set. Mind you, we purchased our play set nearly 6 years ago for Alivia's second birthday (yes, it was like buying a 2 year old a car!) and had to move it, but we still expected so much more out of a play set considering how much the thing set us back. Seriously!

Before our move, Chris and I stained the play set. About a month later, the play set got beat to death by a really bad hail storm that took out a lot of things at our previous address. Our hard work looked horrible. When we moved, I swore I would stain it before Chris put the play set back up in our new backyard. I clearly never got around to doing that. After sitting outside on the farm through the winter, the play set looked horrible. But, we put it up and I swore I would stain it. Last year, I said I would stain it. I never did. This year Chris and I said we would stain it together, knocking it out in a couple hours.

Chris has said he would do a lot of honey dos for me. For one, we have been living with one sink in the master bath for well over a year. You would think I would just go and figure out how to fix the second leaking faucet (my sink no less), but I am still waiting for Chris to do it. I mean really, if I learn to do the plumbing, Chris will never do another plumbing job again. So, I impatiently wait for him to fix my leaky faucet. Additionally, he said he would build me a drop zone in the garage for our endless shoes (bench and shoe storage) about 2 years ago when we moved in. He was going to build it that summer. I grew impatient and had an estimate done last winter. Chris claimed that the estimate was too high as he could knock that out in a weekend.

That was about a year ago.

So, when Chris said he would help me to stain the play set, I knew what that meant. If I wanted the play set stained, I would have to stain it myself.

Today was the day. Asher and I went to Zumba, then went to Lowe's to select a solid stain. The first stain was red and completely ugly. It was supposed to be redwood color since it is a redwood play set. It looked more like barn red paint. It was seriously hideous looking. This time I selected a brown color (oak I believe was the color name. Catchy, huh?).

Asher and I came home, ate lunch with Daddy who just arrived home from a meeting, watched Caillou, and then set outside. The weather was perfect. Asher was so good as I painted away on this play set. I started at 1 PM, took only a couple breaks to get snacks for the kids and to get a drink, and I finished at 5:30. My body is so sore I can not move, but the play set looks amazing, even for the hunk of jump we paid thousands of dollars for (did I mention I would never ever recommend a Rainbow!!).

Of course, Addison had to come out and give me a line of pleasantries, "Mommy, you can paint this but it is still old and falling apart." Seriously! I have been working out there on the thing for hours and that is what she has to say to me?! Okay, she was right, but it would look better. And, it is still a functional play set in every way. I also reminded her of people we knew that did not have play sets at all, so they should be thankful to have one at all. Addison did not care, she still wants to sell ours and get a new one, so I lost that conversation.

Anyway, here are the results. I still have to take off the tarp and stain under there, which I fully intend to do tomorrow. But, I am completely satisfied in my hard work.

Now, I need to fix my faucet already!
Play Set Before (with Asher and Pippa at play)

Play set after

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