Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spring Break Day 2: Makeover Day!

Today was yet another fun filled spring break day. The kids "slept in" until 8:15, with the exception of Addison who woke me up at 5:50am asking for breakfast.

Today's first stop: The Sump Library. Addison is reading The Cat and The Hat books now and it is helping her build reading confidence, and she was needing more books. After a quick stop there, it was time for swimming lessons. We got there early, so we read The Gingerbread Man before going inside. Asher impressed with his swimming lessons with a substitute teacher. Asher rocks in the back float swim! Again, he impressed with his good listening skills, too. He is doing pretty good in his lessons, and the girls loved watching him.

Next stop, boring Costco to exchange a life jacket I bought for Addison with a bigger one. It did help to have her with me. The kids did not mind getting some free samples, either.

We arrived at our spring break makeover spot, Concepts Salon, a little early too, so the kids had their packed picnic lunch before heading inside. The kids are on a strawberry kick right now, so we unfortunately have strawberry all over our clothes at the moment. :) Anyway, Addison had about 5 inches cut off her long locks of beautiful hair that were going past her little booty, then made into a fishtail braid that turned out beautiful (I have to learn to do that!). Alivia, on the other hand, decided to get a little bob cut, then decided to curl it. It looked adorable! After getting their hair done, it was time for nails and make up. Addison opted out of the make up, but they both got their nails painted. All of that for $18 each! They looked amazing.

Next stop, to get our picture with the Easter Bunny. We arrived at Oak View Mall at 1pm to find that the Bunny was eating carrots until 2. Great. So, we did a little shopping, finding a couple airplane shirts that we did not need and a few play clothes for the girls. Finally, the Bunny returned. Who knew it was $20 to see the Easter Bunny now a days!! I had my $$$$ camera around my neck but could not use it. The only way we were getting a picture was to pay some young girl $20 to snap it with a camera that was maybe 1/4 as nice as ours. Seriously!? I paid the $20 to get my picture. But, mark my words, WE WILL NEVER GO AND SEE THE EASTER BUNNY OR SANTA IN THE MALL AGAIN!! That is crazy!! So, after an hour, I left with a so so picture (mine would have rocked, thank you) that they took and a cute one that I took with my camera while we waited. Ha! I should have skipped it looking back, for the principal of it. But, my kids were so excited to see the bunny!

Finally at home, the kids could have free play outside. Alivia invited over her friend Gabby (since Addi and Asher had friends yesterday). When Addison did not come out after getting changed, I went upstairs to find her fast asleep! I let her sleep for a hour before waking her up. Poor thing. 5:50 AM is too early little girl!

Dinner, than walking Pippa, stopping into see Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob (on their 41st wedding anniversary no less), before coming home to get cleaned up for more face time with Chris. Chris appeared completely exhausted after his day of travels to Florida. He has found Florida to be a warm 86 degrees (although I said, "That's not bad, it was 92 degrees HERE yesterday! :) ) and beautiful with their palm trees and blue skies. Tomorrow is his first meeting  at USCENTCOM, so it will be a big day. We miss him so much!

Today was another fun day, but yet we have more fun planned for tomorrow. I am just not sure what that fun will entail tomorrow, but we will see.
                                                           Addison Before Shots
                                                              3 kids before heading out
                                                                  Swimming Lessons
                                                            Alivia: Before and After

                                                                  Asher, keeping busy
                                                        Alivia, getting her nails done.
                                                           Fishtail Braid: Adorable!
                                                                   Alivia After
                                                               Addison After
                                         Alivia and Gabby

                                                                                 Addison, never without a stuffed dog.

Someone Kayaking reminded us of Chris (look real close).

More Face Time with Daddy.

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