Monday, April 16, 2012

Party for Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy, finally! On Sunday afternoon, we had long awaited cake and ice cream to celebrate Chris' birthday last Friday. I had given him several things and Chris had bought himself a lot, but the kids had not given him their gifts yet. We invited Chris' parents over too. Alivia gave Chris a gift card to Panera, Addison gave him a big bag of peanut butter M&Ms and Asher gave him so stylish flip flops (fancy ones that I approve of). Chris bought himself a kayak, a nice new watch, a new wardrobe (needed more than a birthday gift really), and I think that is all, I think. I gave him a gift card to my favorite running shoe store, Peak Performance in Bellevue, for new shoes running shoes, my trip to see him in Florida whether he liked it or not :), and the spring clean up. In the end, he fared pretty well despite not getting his desired Jeep (but I am sure that will come soon enough). Happy Birthday, Chris! And many more...

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