Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Day at the Zoo

What a beautiful day! Asher and I could not think of a better way to enjoy the great "spring" 92 degree weather than to visit the zoo today. We arrived right at 9am (opening time) to our first visit at the new entrance. I am not much of a fan since we are accustomed to entering through the IMAX.

Asher and I typically visit the zoo with friends, but today it was just us. Funny, he never mentioned bringing a friend and did not seem to mind it just being the two of us. I really enjoyed getting to spend one on one time with him, too. He was able to pick where to go, when, and how long he wanted to stay at the exhibit. For starters, we visited the newly remodeled aquarium. I have to say, it is much improved and way more kid friendly. They redesigned the entrance, have "waves" on the ceiling and sounds throughout. It is really cool. Asher's favorite part: The part where he jumped in the water and it moved (similar to the fluidity app we have on the ipad but it looks like the ocean with ocean life). It is a light of sorts that flashes down on the floor which displays the ocean with fish. When you jump or move in the "ocean" the water and fish move. It is really fun. Here are the pictures from the aquarium.
 Above: The "Waves" on the ceiling and the penguin area.

Spider Crab. Anything with spider in it is creepy to me.

Asher at the beach!

Dancing water thing.

DiVentures exhibit for kids...kinda cute.

Okay, there was a lot to take a picture of in there. It was really neat. We stayed outside, during a brief rain shower even, and enjoyed seeing all of the animals. Asher and I both had a bit of an educational experience when we came upon peacocks trying to mate. Seriously, I had no idea the things rattled their feathers like that, as some sort of creepy, rattling, mating call. Funny, I did not see it as effective in any of the cases, but interesting none the less. Peacocks sure are pretty. The petting zoo and the bird feeding exhibits were both closed, which was a big disappointment on such a nice day. Asher and I ended up seeing a couple indoor exhibits before breaking for lunch.
Then it was time to visit the Arctic, at least at the IMAX. What a great movie and a great way to end our visit.


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