Thursday, March 29, 2012

Asher, The Fish

Asher is into his third week of swimming lessons at Swim Barb. Asher loves it. He is so well behaved, listening to Ms. Barb, waiting quietly for his turn, and listening so good. He is such a good little boy that I have no worries about him going to preschool in the fall.

Swim Barb swim school is semi private, so he is in a class with one other girl and one other little boy. It is so nice!! We pay extra for this one on one attention, but it is so worth it in this case. The kids are set up for their annual swim camp in May, too. Then, they will be all set for summer at the pool.

Right now, Asher is learning to swim forward, back float with a kick, jump in and swim to the side, etc. He is working towards side breathing. He is picking it up really good. We hope to get to the YMCA and practice, too.

Here is Asher in action...

Asher with kids before his class and in his class.

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