Sunday, March 04, 2012

February 2012 in Review

February brought mild temps, a little snow, Valentine's Day, play dates, lunch dates, sleepovers, museum and forest visits and so much more! One more month until we can put winter of 2012 behind us. Huh, that was not so bad.

Alivia spent the month playing with either Addison or Asher. She could not choose but refused to play with them together! Alivia is now preparing to begin soccer at the YMCA with her friend Gabby as a team mate. She is also preparing for her first communion coming up in April.

Addison spent much of February sick, first with strep throat (all 3 kiddos had strep throat) then with the stomach flu. She even missed her Valentine's Day party at school (but I was there!). She has now missed 12 days of school and is on the written warning list at school. Let's hope she is done being sick this year. She continues to go to ARTS FOR ALL art class on Tuesdays with her friend Kate.

Asher has kept busy this month with play dates and our typical monthly visits. He now likes to go to Costco with Mommy, too. Asher had an entire day with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob along with his cousins at the Air and Space Museum. He came home telling me how much fun they had (meanwhile, it was just too quiet for me at home!). Asher is preparing to start soccer, too, with Chris as his coach.

Chris and I are finishing up are final weeks of the Insanity workout. He looks like a beach body guy while I look like a bathing beauty. Ha ha. Really, we have seen changes this time that we are both happy about. Now, if we can just maintain our new selves until beach time...we will be set! We are looking forward to the nicer weather so we can get back to our family walks.

Chris is now prepared to seek out a new job, maybe. With a raise in hand, he is now even more hesitant to look until he knows for sure his current employer does not have a place for him. So...we are still up in the air.

Now, onto March, with my birthday, soccer starting (Chris coaching Asher's team), continuing our Lenten practices, a few days off of school and more unexpected surprises I'm sure.

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