Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing with the Cousins

On Friday, Asher was invited to his Grandparents, who now live just a couple blocks away from us in our neighborhood, for a little play date with his cousins. Asher rarely sees his cousins, but he loves to play with them. So, this was a fun treat for him. Last month they went to Sac together, this time they went to a park and out to eat. It was a fun filled day for them. When we picked Asher up after picking up the girls from school, he was wiped and a bit ornery to say the least.

Meanwhile, I had a list of errands a mile long that I saved to do while Asher was away. Some I would have done with our without Asher, eventually. Some I may have never gotten around to doing. I needed sunglasses, Addison needed a new blanket for her bed, and Alivia and Asher needed little soccer shorts. I was able to check them all off my list. I even did a little shopping for myself. However, without a child there to rush me to make up my mind, I just could not decide. So, I left empty handed. I did get new sunglasses though, so I made some progress.

It is still an adjustment having Asher away. Next year, Asher will be in preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays for such a brief period of time that I do not think I will have a problem keeping busy. I plan on running during that time, getting groceries and cleaning. If I just did those things, I would stay busy the entire time. It is when he goes to Kindergarten that I will be a mess. Just saying...

...back to enjoying him while I have him.

Ben, Henry and Asher

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