Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Bought a WHAT?!

Looks like one big Mummy!
This is a long story. Just saying, so you are prepared.

Chris is the type of person that when he wants something, he obsesses over it until he gets it, or until you get so sick of hearing about it, you buy it for him. Huh, maybe that is what he will not be quiet about his wants (and this is why I bought him a motorcycle for his 30th birthday). But, I digress.

Anyone who knows Chris at all, knows he wants a Jeep, a kayak and an airplane. Okay, he is not obsessing over the airplane (at least at the moment), but we can not stop hearing about the jeep and the kayak.

So, one afternoon, Chris came home and eventually told me that he bought a kayak. Really, I should not have been surprised. He had been looking at them for a while, had received kayak accessories for presents, but to just go out and buy a kayak without talking it over with me first? Let's just say I was less than pleased with him. I realize Chris works hard for his money, but I work hard here for no money. I am the money manager, so everyone needs to consult with me before making a purchase over, let's say, $100. This kayak was like 8x breaking that rule. 

He returned it, on his own free will. But, he was not happy about.

He bought it back 5 days later, again, on his own free will. 

I called him to see why he was late coming home from work. He was not at work, he was buying a kayak.

I was speechless.

He saved his Christmas money and gifts of money he received for random things to cover most of it, so at least he did that. And, I realize I am just the wife, so who am I to say anything.

So, this morning, Asher and I stayed home waiting for this wonderful kayak to arrive. It arrived and is now parked in the garage. Looks good there. Would look better in the store, just saying. I am sure he will look good kayaking in Shadow Lake, if he finds the time, that is, between 3 kids, coaching soccer, taking care of 3 kids, taking care of one demanding and witchy wife, um, do I need to say more?

Chris says the kayak will look good on top of his jeep.

I see another blog post coming on...

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