Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. I am not a fan of birthdays, either, at least my birthday. They are just a set up for disappointment, ya see. Any other day, I wake with anticipation of what they day will bring, what we will do, and what we can get accomplished. On my birthday, I have expectations. I know, I am a mom so I should not have any more expectations on my birthday than on any other day, but I do.

The day began early at 5 AM. The weather was to be beautiful (in the 70's!), so I wanted to run. However, Addison's friend comes over after school on Tuesdays, so I knew if I wanted to run, I had to get up before dawn to get a run in. So, that is what I did. It was windy, crazy windy, but it was nice to get out and run. I find a strange sense of peacefulness running, especially in the morning.

Before Chris went to work, he gave me my gift, a ring. I have wore the promise ring on my right hand since Chris gave it to me years ago. It was beat up and discolored now, and I wanted a new one. I love the new is perfect. 

After my run and Insanity workout, it was time to get the girls ready for school. Asher and I spent the morning playing, cleaning up, getting laundry started...ya know, the typical day to day lazy mom stuff (that is sarcasm if you did not catch that).

Asher and I had lunch at home before deciding to walk to Shadow Lake for a treat. Asher road his bike and I chased after him. :) We had a fun time having getting there and having some yummy Orange Leaf Yogurt, our favorite "date" spot. Yummy! We stopped in a couple places before trying to make our way back, into that crazy wind. Asher's bike pedal fell off, causing me some grief, but we made it home.

At pick up time, I picked up Addi with her friend Kate, Alivia and her friend Zoe (who we car pool with, but her Dad was caught up away from home), and Asher in the wagon. It was nice to be able to walk home in early March. I love the peeks of spring, but I would just prefer we kick winter out of here and get to spring already.

The girls played outside with someone (usually one of the younger girls) crying every 10-15 minutes or so. I would get one girl calmed down, and the other one would come crying. I guess 4 girls after school is too much or something.

Addi and her friend soon left for art class while Alivia, Zoe, Asher and I took the dog on a long walk around the lake. It was windy, but the temperature was so mild and nice. I do believe I walked Asher out, however.

At 6, Addison came home from her Arts for All art class and Zoe's Dad came to pick her up. Finally, it was time to dinner at Zio's Pizza. The kids had fun rolling out their pizza dough while we waited for the pizza. After dinner, Chris wanted to pick up soccer shoes and equipment for soccer that is coming up soon. Seriously, I just wanted to go home. But, we got that checked off of our list.

At home, they sang happy birthday to me over angel muffins from the Garden Cafe (they used to be my favorite, but not so much now).

All it all, it was a day, just another day. I was in bed by 9:30 thankful the day was over. I was tired from our outdoor activities (and my nearly 30,000 steps I took yesterday!). I am already planning next year's birthday. (I picture getting my hair and nails done, lunch out with Asher and maybe Chris (but that would be a higher expectation) and a chocolate cake. Sounds good to me. :)

To be fair, it was a good day as I got to spend most of it with Asher, then the kids, and Chris for at least dinner. To look on the bright was a good day. :)Anything less than chaotic just would not have been normal.

Asher with his Orange Leaf creation

Zio's has the best pizza!!

My new ring.


Gina and Derek said...

I love that ring!!! Happy birthday indeed:)

Lil Mar & Co said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! I understand how you feel :)