Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Official, I'm a Soccer Mom

Funny, I never thought I would say that, at least before I had kids. Chris was really into soccer, starting from a very young age, and he was a good player from what I hear. But, he got burnt out. Someone he used to play with is now a coach in the pros (or is he playing in the pros? Whatever, he is in the pros). Anyway, Chris was on elite teams and stuff (like the and stuff?), so one of our kids had to take up the sport right?

Alivia and Asher are signed up to start soccer at our local YMCA in a couple weeks. Asher wanted to play; Alivia we heavily encouraged her participation (she does not want to do any sport). In preparation for that, Alivia went to a soccer camp on Saturday to help her learn the fundamentals. It was instructed, in part, by one of Chris's previous coaches who is now a coach at UNO. Chris was thrilled to be able to see him again and have Alivia learn from someone that taught him.

Alivia was dragging her soccer shoes a bit, not wanting to go, yelling at me for signing her up in the first place. I guess sometimes you have to drag kids practically kicking and screaming. As it turns out, the girl loved it! She came home raving about how good she is, how much she learned, etc. Chris said she did take a liking to the sport, so that is a good thing. Alivia has never wanted to go out for anything. We stopped signing her up for stuff as she usually just sat it out crying, so it really was not worth it. It appears we just did not find something she liked.

So, we are now soccer parents and I am now a soccer Mom. Oh, please help me...:)

I guess that means I am going to have to learn the rules, huh?!

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