Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Short Run in the Park

Today I got up early to run around Zorinsky Lake. I wanted to run around the entire lake, 7 some odd miles, but I decided against it after going around the short, merely 3 miles side. I wanted to be home when the kids got up for breakfast, and I got too late of a start for that. Zorinsky is so far away from us! Once daylight saving time comes into effect (like tonight), I can be at Zorinsky at opening (5am) and start, so that I can be back by breakfast.

Anyway, I started at 6 and it was beautiful. The sun rising over the water, the water fowl, the scenery...all just beautiful. It was a nice way to start the weekend off. I knew today was going to be busy, so I wanted to get my break in while I could (break meaning running break).

Like I said, I ran the shorter, more wooded side. I selected this side because I like how it is more wooded and hoped to see deer. As I was finishing up, I saw deer! Luckily (or not so lucky as it turned out), I brought the handycam. That camera takes HORRIBLE pictures! Seriously, HORRIBLE! Okay, it took a couple okay ones, but the ones of the deer did not turn out.

It was an amazing run full of God's Beauty. I look forward to my return. Now, if I can just find a running partner. Pepper spray will have to work for now...

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