Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marching into the Zoo

Now THAT is Love!
Yesterday Asher and I hit the zoo to enjoy the beautiful March weather we are having. We invited our friends Bonnie, Xander, and baby Ben to enjoy the day with us.

The boys led the way, seeing the animals outside. Eventually they made their way to the playset, narrowly missing injuries. It was nice to be able to enjoy some fresh air while taking in the sights of all the animals. Asher just liked being able to play with Xander.

After 20 times of asking, we finally caved and had lunch. The boys thought it was lunch at 9:30! We had lunch outside, in March! Crazy.

We took in the Sharks in 3D before calling it a day.

Love the zoo. We could go every day and never see the same thing twice.

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