Friday, March 02, 2012

The Written Warning

Addi dressed as Splat the Cat for "dress as your favorite book character day" at school this week.

So, it's official, Addison has received the written warning letter from school. Addison has missed more than 10 days of school this year (I believe she is at 12, but who's counting?! Oh yeah, the school is). Anyway, all of her days missed have been due to illness with the majority of them having a doctor's note. 

On Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, Addison was up for at least 2 1/2 hours vomiting. She was sick at least a dozen times, and that is probably an underestimate. When she awoke on Wednesday morning, she looked pale, her eyes dark, but she asked for chocolate milk. Now, this is not unusual for Addison. She did this so many times during the summer leading up to school that we thought something was wrong with her. During the school year, the stomach issues decreased while she has had strep throat 4 times. Poor Addison. Connection? They are now questioning that.

Anyway, with the stomach flu, one does not typically go to the doctor. But, for school, one must go if you have missed 10 days of school. We had to go to the doctor to prove Addison was really sick and we did not spend the day in Paris or something. She was better by the time we got to the doctor. I even switched doctors because I can not see myself driving clear out to southwest Omaha to get a note to state the obvious (and the money one has to pay for this too!).

So, she returned to school on Thursday, note and a days worth of homework (that I requested) in hand, stating she in fact had the stomach flu.

Let's hope Addison is on the mend for a while. Her delicate little body needs to recover.

The kiddos Tuesday Morning, the girls dressed for PJ day at school (Dress in your PJs and cuddle up with your favorite book, or something).

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