Monday, March 19, 2012

When I Grow Up

Chris and were talking last week about what we thought the kids would do when they grew up. This is what we came up with.

At this point, Alivia wants to be a veterinarian. She loves animals (cats are her favorite), and we can see her being a small animal vet. Alivia wants to get married and have 3 babies.

Addison wants to be a veterinarian as well. She loves dogs (of course, opposite of her sister), to the point of being obsessed with them. We believe she will go to school and get her education, but we know her heart is in becoming a Mommy. We can see her being the Mommy of 4, staying at home like her Mommy, to raise her little kiddos. She will be an amazing Mommy.

Asher wants to be a firefighter or a pilot. He is growing up surrounded by airplanes with his Grandma and Daddy being a big influence, so we can see him taking that route. If he is still interested, we hope he gets his pilot's license on his 16th birthday! What a day that would be for him (and Daddy and Grandpa, right?!). Maybe Grandpa would even let him learn to fly in his plane.

Chris and I got to wondering what our parents thought we would be doing when we grew up. So, we asked. Chris' parents thought Chris would be an artist (since he is an amazing artist!) and were not sure he would go to college. Hah! He proved them wrong, going to college and getting his Master's Degree. My parents, on the other hand, did not really look into the future. They probably did not think I would ever make it to that point. Seriously. But, originally, I wanted to be a pediatrician. When that occupation appeared to be more than I wanted to do (and give up personally), I fell back on nursing. I never wanted to be a nurse, it just made the most sense with the credits I had from pre medicine. After a short time, I got into pharmaceuticals and going on to get my Master's. Now I stay home, obviously. My parents probably would never have predicted this for me, but I would not have, either.

I wonder how close we will get to our predictions. It does not really matter, but it will be fun for the kids to see what we were thinking, even when they were 7, 5 and 4. No matter what they end up doing, we just hope they will be happy.

Addison and her love for dogs, real or Fur Real

Alivia and Pippa

Designated Wingman Asher

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