Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pool Day: Oak Heights


At Oak Heights PoolDSC07284DSC07285
Today we were invited to a play date with the Gries' at Oak Heights. I believe we may have found our pool!

We arrived just before 11 to play at the park by the pool and have a picnic lunch after our visit to the library. The park is nice. It has big shade trees, a nice little trail from the parking lot, and the playground has soft beachy feeling sand. I could not get the kids to stop playing long enough to eat lunch.

We met up with Jill and her kids as the pool was about to open. The pool is nice. It has a great area for toddlers with a slide that they can just slide into the pool from. Alivia wanted me to go out further with her - but that is still really hard for me to do with Addison and Asher playing. So, Alivia got bored quickly. She does not have the confidence or skill to swim alone in the deeper waters but really that is all she wants to do. Addison FINALLY got into a pool!! Amazing! She went down the slide multiple times and walked once into the water a bit. She is extremely timid. Asher liked the slide and swam a bit. He needs more reassurance after his pool scares.I can not look away from Asher at all while he is in the pool.

We had a great experience at Oak Heights. It is not too busy, you can bring in food and coolers (no snack bar - yeah!), and it is very user friendly. We will definitely be returning. Thank you Jill, Gabriella and Grant for inviting us! We had fun!

Now...what day should we go swimming at a pool next week?

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