Monday, June 21, 2010

No Cable - Week 1

Board or "Bored" game timeOutside playPlaying Baby Asher...nice!

This past Thursday marked, I believe, 1 week since we completely canceled our cable and I watched the cable man turn it off. I was so sad to see it go, but we have gotten used to it. At night, Chris has finally gotten back into working out. He works out downstairs while I go running or biking. When I return, he goes for his run. Then we usually sit outside and enjoy the peace that our neighborhood has to offer.

The kids, well, they have gotten used to it to. I love the quiet! Spongebob was getting old and annoying. Alivia plays board games more and interacts more with Addison and Asher. They are now creating new ways to have fun. Now this is the way I remember being a kid (not sitting around watching TV!).

Now...things may change a bit. Chris came home tonight and was able to get our free local TV hooked up (yeah know, what Cox wanted to charge us $20 for!) with a $10 little antenna. Alivia and Addison watched Curious George before I cut off TV time again. Mean Mommy, I know. I guess with this wild weather, Chris and I were feeling trapped in the dark ages. We need up to date weather already!

For now...we are perfectly content. I'm not sure we will ever go back to cable. Seems ridiculously overpriced. Like I have said before, look how much we could save by putting that $50 away each month that we threw away in cable! We will start that when we do not get a cable bill next month! HOW NICE! I come!

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