Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth?

Today we took the kids to see the Ringling Bros.and Barnum & Bailey's Circus at the Quest Center for their 1PM show. I had Chris purchase the tickets the day they went on sale to make sure we got good seats. BIG MISTAKE because we knew people who got really good seats for $11 when we paid $21 plus a ton of fees to total $140! Seriously!

Anyway, we tried to get the kids excited to go, but they did not have a clue what we were talking about. We arrived to the preshow, which the kids really enjoyed. Then the show began. Their eyes got big and they watched closely until the first intermission. All of the vendors walked up and down the aisles with stuff to buy. Alivia, who is actually really suffering from a bad ear infection (fever 104! yesterday) said she was thirsty. I went out to get her something and the lemonade was $10! Are these lemons made of gold or something? COME ON! Popcorn, in case you are wondering, was $7. So, if you go to the circus, pack snacks AND drinks. I had considered packing drinks since Alivia is not eating but drinking a lot, but Chris thought they would check my bag. Oh well.

Anyway, the kids made it until 1 1/2 hours into the show at intermission and then they were done. They sat through the rest, but they really could care less at that point. Chris and I thought it was an amazing show and they put on quite a performance. We gave them a solid A+. One lemonade for $10 later - the prices for the vending are just nuts. No wonder there was like nobody there!

I think the circus is for kids maybe 6 and up. Alivia, at 6, was even borderline. Perhaps if she felt better she would have been more interested. We probably would have done it again, but packed drinks and snacks, and waited for the sale on tickets! may be the "Greatest Show on Earth!"

In the end, we asked the kids when we got home, "Did you like the circus?" And they all said, "No!" Alivia's best part..."When it was over!"

So...Want to go to the circus?
Save your money to go...maybe ask for it for a kids' birthday gift!
Pack snacks and drinks or a TON OF CASH for snacks at the circus!
Make sure your kids are 6 and up because the show is 2 hours or more (we went to Sand City downtown afterwards, so we were not sure when the circus got over for sure).
Bring your camera

Watching the Pre ShowThe Circus!DSC06885DSC06888DSC06902DSC06906DSC06907DSC06930DSC06932DSC06943Sand CitySand CitySand City

Enjoy the show!

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