Monday, June 07, 2010

Catholic Education Camp


Now that Alivia has completed Kindergarten, it was time to look into Catholic Religious Education (once called Catholic Christian Doctrine or CCD). The options at Saint Columbkille were one night a week for an hour and a half during the school year (6-7:30 or something, I can't recall now), or to attend a 2 week summer session daily from 9-12. We really had a difficult time deciding what to do. I did not want Alivia to miss out on summer (and we did not want to miss out on summer with her!). However, I considered sending her to Bible School and this is just a week longer and she was already used to going to school now, and school all day/night did not see like a good option. So, we signed her up ($100 for the course).

Today was her first day. After a week of vacation, the circus, and suffering from an ear infection, Alivia was really in no shape to go. I did not want her to miss her first day. she went.

Unfortunately, I can not say she went willingly. She was in tears right after we entered the building. Since we are new to the area, we are not familiar with the school at all. I was not even sure where to go! I stayed through morning prayer and walked her to the classroom. Looks like she will be in a full class of 21 total kids. And, in 2 weeks, she will be done! That will be a huge relief not having to send her during the busy school year!

At the end of the morning...Alivia loved it! She could not tell me what she learned other than they got a snack and got to play outside, but she had fun learning about our Faith. Money well spent, right?

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