Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Let's Splash!

In spite of it all, I took the kids to the Schwer Park Splash Pad in Papillion. I wanted to take just Addison and Asher, but Alivia insisted on coming along and "just watching." (On the way to the park, Alivia broke out in hives from her antibiotic. Seriously...this child is a mess! She is staying home for a while now - no watching, either!).

The kids were never huge fans of the splash pad near our previous address, and this one turned out not to be much different. Addison went through first and then backed off. Asher ran through a few times. Then, they were done. There is a playground near by that they played at a bit before we headed for home.

This park is a nice find offering the splash pad, a playground, picnic area, walking trails and a lake for fishing and feeding the water fowl. If you want to visit, bring your sunscreen and have fun!

The playground areaSplash timeAsher getting wetGoo Goo Google AsherAddi

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